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Video broadcasting services

Hi All,

I've surfed CCO for information how to provide

video brodcasting services to our customers

(resell satellite TV, HDTV, video-on-demand, etc)

by using Cisco equipment (IP/TV,etc) and ...

I've found that most of examples on CCO relates

to enterprise companies, but not to service


What you recommend?

May be you can point me at some resources.


New Member

Re: Video broadcasting services

IPTV and other streaming products can be applied to both service providers and enterprise. In deciding which product to use, you need to consider how the information will be delivered to the end-users of the content. If as an SP you can deliver media over a QoS link with low latency and delay, IPTV could be the product to deliver that for you. If you will be delivering content via an Internet connection with variable b/w, no-QoS, variable latency/delay, alternative streaming technologies like Microsoft WMT or Real Networks might be the better app. In the latter case, content distribution networks as provided by Cisco in the content engine product might prove useful. The critical issue to consider is not which product to pick as all can be adapted for either SP or enterprise use, but rather how will the media be opimally delivered to the viewing audience. Hope this helps

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Re: Video broadcasting services

V ictor,

Ddi you receive a thoughtful responsed to your inquiry?

Has your customer video requirement been fulfilled?

Is there a need to address this now?

Mark Rushton

Video Networking Business Unit

Cisco Systems, Inc.

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