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Video conferencing solution required


I am try to design a solution for Video Conferencing, we have location in three cities they are all connected via 128k lease line running VPN for Data encryption,The same WAN links will also be used for VoIP in future. please some one guide me for the awnser of the Questions.

What are the Cisco equipment required to have video conferencing?

Is the Bandwidth enough for this solution or needs more?

What routers can be used in this solution ?

Is one gatekeeper required per location ?

Your help will be appreciated.

New Member

Re: Video conferencing solution required

Attempted answers...

Cisco products you need for video conferencing include -

1.)Multimedia Conference Manager software in IOS to provide gatekeeper and QoS proxy function

2.) Optional IPVC 35xx equipment for multipoint or gateway functionality as required.

128k bandwidth is not enough for video conferncing. At minimum you will need 160k for video alone. Additional for concurrent data flows so as not to starve that flow during a video call. Generally, most video users desire 384k operation which needs 450k+ of IP bandwidth.

All enterprise focused routers can support VC traffic. The MCM, however, requires either a 2500, 2600, 3600 or 7200 for operation

One gatekeeper in not required per location but it is recommended to leverage the QoS proxy component

Hope this helps...

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Re: Video conferencing solution required

Hi Samuel,

I saw that Cisco has the IPVC-3520-GW-4B (4 BRI ports). So it looks to me that this box can serve four Bri connections, 128kbps each, to four different locations. Is that the case ? Please confirm this issue because we're going to purchase this box for ISDN Bri connections to remote sites. Thank you very much.

Duc Vu

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Re: Video conferencing solution required

the 3520-GW-4B does interface four separate BRIs which can be concurrently used by four different H.323 systems that can place 128k gw calls. Good luck in your implementation

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Re: Video conferencing solution required

The Cisco equipment required varies based on your applicaiton of Video and the end points you select. Polycom and PictureTel have offerings in that can provide solutions without any additional equipment for a 3 city implementation. Using the endpoints capability to support both ISDN and IP you eliminate the need for gateways. Using the limited multipoint capabilities of the endpoints you can eliminate the need for MCUs. And if implement using static IP, or you use DNS then you do not need Gatekeepers.

The bandwidth is not enough. You need at least 20% more bandwidth then the bandwidth you want to run. So for 128kbps video you need 154kbps of bandwidth with nothing else on it. You will also need a QoS on the WAN links to prioritize the H.323 traffic.

the routers will need to be addressed by a Cisco person.

If you want a Gatekeeper, the MCM is generally used at each WAN access point.

I do not know how you plan to use it so it is hard to say this is a solution, but consider H.320 instead unless you have plans to increase the WAN bandwidth.

Fell free to call and I cna talk with you.

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