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Viewmail and msiexec


Could anyone please give me some advise or point me to some more info on using msiexec to deploy VMO 4.03. From previous threads I am using the following syntax from a command line:

msiexec /i Viewmail.msi INSTALLDIR=”D:\Program Files\Cisco\Viewmail” UNITYSERVER=”<your server name>” EXTENSION=”<extension number>” /qb

However the INSTALLDIR variable is ignored and VMO is always installed to the default location, but if INSTALLDIR is not specified then the installation is interupted i.e. the above will install VMO to C:\PF\Viewmail and not D:\PF\Cisco\Viewmail. I've tried this on VMO 4.03 and 4.03b with the same result.

Am I missing something? Cheers,

Cisco Employee

Re: Viewmail and msiexec

The property is TARGETDIR and not INSTALLDIR. Same syntax and everything else. It seems there is a lot of confusion between these property names which from what I can tell came from InstallShield tools for developing MSI packages. InstallShield has always had the INSTALLDIR property (before MSI). Microsoft MSI's tend to use TARGETDIR and so does VMO. If you know of a location in Cisco docs that has incorrect info, or TARGETDIR does not work, let us know.

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