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New Member

Viewmail and "No Reply All"

unity 2.4.6 exchange 5.5, exchange client 5.0

After viewmail is installed, we can no longer use the "Reply All" button - it is greyed out.

Registry Setting problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: Viewmail and "No Reply All"

Isn't Exchange Client 5.0 a different animal than Outlook? ViewMail for Outlook needs to run with Outlook. In particular, Outlook 2002 (XP), Outlook 2000, or Outlook 98 are required.

New Member

Re: Viewmail and "No Reply All"

Well, I would agree with you, exept everthing else within viewmail works EXCEPT the reply to all choice. So, I'm looking for why. This may be the sole reason they don't suggest anything but outlook, but it's worth looking into.

Cisco Employee

Re: Viewmail and "No Reply All"

Well, the BU has never supported the exchange 5.0 client with Unity and it's never been tested with the VMO forms (MS doesn't support it any longer either). We haven't done anything with that client since the old VMM days on the Repartee product line some years ago.

I suspect strongly you'll run into other hitches along the way if you press ahead with it.

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