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ViewMail client (2.4. 0.105)

If you do a reply with voice and you close the mail without sending it, it gets saved in the Outbox and not in the drafts, as you would expect. Is this where it is supposed to be saved or is this an issue?<br><br>


Re: ViewMail client (2.4. 0.105)

My company is planning on rolling out your product and the Viewmail client to a customer with over 50,000 users. I'm pretty sure that saving what would normally be considered a 'draft' mail in the outbox will confuse the user and cause a big headache at the helpdesk. Is there a patch? Thanks, Ed


Re: ViewMail client (2.4. 0.105)

I was not able to reproduce this behavior on any version of Outlook or Unity I tried. I have three test boxes here configured as follows:

NT with Unity 2.3.6 build 33 and Outlook 97
Win2K with Unity 2.4.0 build 120 Outlook 98
Win2K with Unity 2.4.5 build 73 (our patch candidate) with Outlook 2000

All behaved as expected here… if I recorded a message from the desktop and saved it, it goes to the draft folder. If I record a message over the phone without addressing it (possible but kind of unusual) that message also got saved in the drafts folder.

I also tried this on our front system with both my Outlook 97 and Outlook 2000 clients from home here. Both worked as expected.

I was unable to get any messages to save in the outbox… from the desktop side we don’t control that, the Outlook client does. From the conversation we do, however we don’t explicitly access or use the outbox… all temporary messages are in drafts.

Any more details on how you’re doing this? I don’t think there’s a VMO/Unity bug here… this must be some configuration issue I’m not thinking of…

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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