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ViewMail client playback problem

We are having a viewmail client playback problem on certain new systems running Win2k sp2 or 3. ViewMail playback works correctly through the system speakers using the media master toolbar after first booting, but then messages will fail to play after a certain period of time. The play button will change to a pause, the timer will not increment and no audio is heard. This occurs on multiple systems (typically Intel 1.8GHz cpu's and SoundMax Integrated audio) and is reproducable.

Reinstalling the sound card driver, reinstalling ViewMail or just restarting will correct the problem until the next time it fails. We aren't able to associate any steps that are causing VMO to fail. Also, we aren't runing any unusual software, just Office 2k and some other administrative tools.

At first we thought the problem was the ViewMail client, so we upgraded from to 3.1(3.0) since it is supposed to be backward compatible with a 2.4.6 server.

Any ideas what may be going on here?


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Re: ViewMail client playback problem

We are still experiencing the VMO playback issue on many systems using either the 3.1(3.0) or 2.4.6 client. There are otherwise no sound problems with these PCs. Is there an FAQ associated with this issue or is this a known problem with certain sound drivers? These happen to be the latest soundmax drivers, in the past few cases at least. I'm not sure how to proceed in troubleshooting this problem other than restarting the PC which appears to temporarily correct the issue.

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