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ViewMail on MF XP

Can we install ViewMail from Unity 3.1.3 on Outlook 2k running on MetaFrame XPe? It would appear not, as the installer seems to hang saving settings. I logged in as Domain Admin, changed user to install mode, booted everyone else off, disabled anti virus scanner, and even rebooted the box. Any thoughts / ideas?<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Steve<br><br>


Re: ViewMail on MF XP

OK - got by that. Had to disable the actual AV services, not just the scanner. Now, everything looks great, but when I select the Citrix Audio Driver (sound is enabled for ica protocol and for the Oulook app), the audio does not play, and the marker on the control does not move. There is no actual sound card in the server, just the audio driver that maps the client's card. Am I hoping for too much???




Re: ViewMail on MF XP

Although this is not supported by TAC, I found this info on Citrix's web site regarding our VMO client:

Active Voice on Metaframe
This probably is occurring because the sound output isn't conforming to the required sound format for ICA Audio. ICA Client sound support allows a client computer with a Sound Blaster 16-compatible sound card to play sound files on the server and present them on the local client computer's sound system. Client computers can play 8- or 16-bit mono or stereo Windows .wav files at 8, 11.025, 2.25, and 44.1 KHz.

If that doesn't help you might need to settle for telephone playback.

Scott Morgan
Cisco Systems TAC

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Re: ViewMail on MF XP

We had the same issue on our Citrix server. We were able to play the sound files by double clicking on them and letting media player open them. You can try that and see how it works.

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