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VLANS---Connecting Catalyst 4006 to a HP ProCurve 4000 Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to use an IP phone(with AC adapter) plugged into a HP ProCurve switch.

First let me tell you about our configuration. There is a Gigabit uplink connection between our two switches. On the Cisco and HP switches, there are two Vlans set up, Vlan 1= data (default) and Vlan=10(Voice). Different IP scopes have been set up for each Vlan on our DHCP server (Vlan 1= 10.0.x.x/16, Vlan 10=10.1.x.x). Trunking has been enabled on the Cisco uplink port. On the HP side, it is a little different. HP configures their Vlans a little differently (different terminology). Using HP's verbiage, the uplink port has been "Untagged" for VLan 1 and "Tagged" for Vlan 10. It is to my understanding that Tagging in HP is similar to Trunking in Cisco. The phone is then plugged into a port on the HP that has Vlan 1 Tagged and Vlan 10 Untagged. With this configuration, the phone works (ie. it get the correct Vlan IP0

Here's the problem. When I plug a PC into the phone, the PC gets a phone IP(10.1.x.x) not a data IP(10.0.x.x). I tried every configuration. The voice Vlan has to be untagged for it to work. On the data vlan, it can be set to either tagged or "No tagging".

If the data vlan is untagged and the voice vlan tagged, the phone doesn't work but the PC works and it gets a data IP (the correct one).

I really don't know what the problem is or where it is. I 'm stumped. I actually talked to TAC and they think its an HP thing while HP thinks its a Cisco problem.

Does anyone have any experience with Cisco and HP vlans?

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Re: VLANS---Connecting Catalyst 4006 to a HP ProCurve 4000 Sucks


Read (CDP enhancements vlan field) below. I have worked with and use the hp procurves alot, but not with ip telephony. They are great switches, but I don't believe they speak cdp. You could try and set the admin vlan in the phone (ip phone network configuration) and see if it works with the phone vlan tagged and the data vlan untagged ( I'de be curious to know this also). You could also just attach the phone and computer seperately (eats up the ports). Otherwise, what you describe is happening is exactly what should. The phone will pass untagged frames through itself to the attached pc (this is why both phone and pc are working on the phone vlan). Since the phone hasn't been told by the switch to tag the frames, the phone will not work when it's vlan is tagged (the pc will work and pull an ip from the data vlan-- untagged). Good luck in your efforts!!

CDP enhancements vlan field

ip phone network configuration

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Re: VLANS---Connecting Catalyst 4006 to a HP ProCurve 4000 Sucks

Thanks for your suggestion. I was able to set the admin vlan on the phone to 10. I then proceeded to set the port on the HP switch with the phone vlan tagged and the data vlan untagged. This worked!!!!! The devices are getting the proper IP from their respective Vlans.

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