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Vmail reply to Email is Not incld. in SENT folder

When I reply back to an e-mail with a voice message, the voice mail WAV file reply is NOT included in my Outlook "Sent" folder, thus there is no real audit trail that I replied. In contrast, all my e-mail replys to any e-mail are included in the "Sent" folder. Is this capability road mapped, time frame? If not, why is this technically not possible?<br>Thanks<br><br>


Re: Vmail reply to Email is Not incld. in SENT folder

Originally we didn’t keep copies of the items deleted over the phone or sent over the phone purely for space purposes. Voice mail only users would have their mail boxes filled up with deleted and sent items if we kept them around automatically.

In 2.4.0 we added a checkbox on the Class of Service page so users could be configured to copy items deleted in over the phone into the deleted options folder. This way admins could assign voice mail only users to COSes that didn’t keep them around and let desktop folks keep them around.

The Send folder was not included in that work, although it was speced out. The idea was the same, you’d get another checkbox on the COS to determine if we copied sent messages to the sent items folder or not and possibly even choose to only keep the ‘header’ around (i.e. don’t include the WAV file itself). The deleted items issue was much more pressing for some of our bigger customers and it got in before the 2.4.0 code freeze and the sent items stuff did not.

Currently the sent items follow up is not on the development plate that I know of. Again, I’d strongly suggest pinging the marketing guys at “” and letting them know you think this is worth some cycles. I’d like to see it get in there as well…

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
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