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VOFR/VOIP Hairpin on 7206

I have many VOFR sites and wish to haipin VOIP calls (for my new VOIP sites) to the existing VOFR sites. My 7206VXR has only one PA-VXC-2T1/E1 for the current solution. Do I need another VXC type adapter for this? Would I loop one port onto the other.? I know I need IOS 12.2 IP Plus to make it work.

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Re: VOFR/VOIP Hairpin on 7206

If you have the two port card then you should be able to loop one port to the other.

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Re: VOFR/VOIP Hairpin on 7206

Would it be a simple dial peer statement to one another? Would the H323 GW be on only one port (which is what I would do anyway.)


Re: VOFR/VOIP Hairpin on 7206

It's not possible to hairpin VOFR to VOIP calls. There are 2 solutions.

1- Run VOIP across all of the network and the problem goes away.

2 - Send the VOFR calls out one voice port and loop it back in via an external PBX on the same port or in on another port using a T1 cross over cable, and sending the new call leg out as VOIP. There may need to be some digit manipulations done as well. This is not recommended as it results in a double compression cycle, which adds to the overall distortion and end to end latency of the audio, and will almost certainly make fax relay calls fail. Some people have done this, but we (the TAC) don't want to hear from you if it doesn't work properly.

Long term solution - go VOIP across all of the network ...

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