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Voice Call drops after 10 seconds

I have a 3640 with 8 vic-2DID cards and a NM-HDA card with 8 FXO ports.

The FXO ports are used for outbound calling. They work fine.

However the DID card service is really a problem.

First off the router claims that it is only seeing the last 3 digits of the 4 digits that are being sent.

So I set up a dial-peer for 3 digits and added the first digit in the dial-peer.

Now I get the call but after 10 seconds the call drops. Everytime.

Has anyone experienced this before?


Re: Voice Call drops after 10 seconds

I am not very sure why the call drops, but I got some doucments which explain the DID vics. It's the way the DID works, only some of the last digits are passed and not all. For more details please refer the following documents.

Understanding 2 Port Direct Inward Dial (2 DID) Voice Interface Cards

Analog DID for Cisco 2600 and Cisco 3600 Series Routers

Voice - Understanding Direct-Inward-Dial (DID) on Cisco IOS Digital (T1/E1) Interfaces


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Re: Voice Call drops after 10 seconds

I did have a similar problem once with outbound calls on a T1 configured as E&M trunks dropping after 180 secs. Check the icon beside the line button on your IP phone. Does it show the call connected icon? In my case, the problem ended being with the long distance carrier. I found that they were not sending an off-hook message when the called party answered. A simple option change by them fixed the problem.

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