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Voice Connector not found

Unity 3.15, E2K-sp3

I am trying to setup the Unity Bridge to talk to our Octel systems using blind addressing. Ran the install for the VC. I upgraded the script host to 5.6, server was rebooted.

While attempting to increase the loggin I do not see the connector container on left pane of the ESM. I do see the following:

Admin Group|Routing Groups|Site|Connectors|AvExchangeIVC_<servername>

What am I missing?

Sabas Chois


Sacramento, CA


Re: Voice Connector not found

Hi Sabas -

I just completed a test lab install of the Unity Bridge and IVC last week. Your ESM information looks a bit different than my lab installation, but I'll gladly share my results with you. It is working correctly for us so far in test. Our lab environment simulates our Exchange forest with multiple administrative groups (each for a unique County department). I updated the WSM to 5.6. I then used the Unity 4.0 CD and executed the install.exe file from folder voiceconnector-ex2000 (this is version 10 of the IVC). During setup, I selected the check box for Bridge. After rebooting the server, I had this display in my ESM:


- Servers

- Routing Groups

- First Routing Group

- Connectors

- Exchange 2000 Voice Connector (servername)

Following that, I proceeded with granting permissions to the SMTP virtual server (on the Exchange server running the IVC); as well as setting up the SMTP connector for forwarding mail to the Unity bridge. The Unity Bridge install was also completed. I'm wondering if you are dealing with a replication issue - i.e. not seeing the information yet in ESM? In our lab environment, we have several sites. Even after I completed the schema updates in the root of the forest, replication needed to proceed before I could continue with the rest of the install. I used AD Sites and Services and drilled down to each server, NTDS Settings, and selected Replicate Now. You might try this in your environment.

Sincerely, Ginger

New Member

Re: Voice Connector not found

The IVC install I used is from the 3.13 image I upgraded to 3.15. Checking version on SCWadmin.ocx it shows version A bit older than 10.01. In either case, the AD changes were made a couple of weeks ago, so was the IVC install. I just checked and the last replication occurred an hour ago. I can't imagine replication being the problem since the changes occurred a couple of weeks ago. I did forced replication to make sure.

Re: Voice Connector not found

Hi again -

Just to make sure, I checked my version of the SGWadmin.ocx and it is at version But this is my first bridge/ivc install and I would not be a good source to tell you what a prior version should have been. Sounds like a case for Cisco experts :-)

P.S. Just in case - here is the link to the Cisco document I used ... although I did not need to create a HOSTS file. Best wishes!

Sincerely, Ginger

New Member

Re: Voice Connector not found


The 10.0(1) voice connector on CCO is supported for use with Cisco Unity 3.1(5). You should use 10.0(1). Please download the Cisco Unity Voice Connector for Exchange 2000 from and use that one.

1. Uninstall the 3.1(3) voice connector

2. Install the 10.0(1) voice connector

There's numerous stability and functional improvements in the 10.0(1) voice connector that you'll want to have, not to mention the name will display correctly and you'll be able to set the logging you're looking for.



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Re: Voice Connector not found

I will install 10.01.



New Member

Re: Voice Connector not found

I uninstalled 3.x version, rebooted. Installed 10.x version and rebooted.

I am getting a login failure when starting the service with reference to the old connector. Replication?

Event Type: Error

Event Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store

Event Category: Logons

Event ID: 1022


Logon Failure on database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (servername)" - Windows 2000 account NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM; mailbox /o=xxxxx/ou=xxxxxx/cn=Configuration/cn=Connections/cn=AvExchangeIVC_.

Error: -2147221233

For more information, click

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