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Voice Gateway Simulator

Does any one know of a software package that will simulate a voice gateway? I would like to be able to test route patterns and partitions before going live with them. I made something work a freeware h323 app that answers the call and plays a wav file. I can run it and specify the IP, assign multiple ips to the box I run it on and thus simulate several outgoing h232 gateways. This is great for outgoing patterns... but it doesn’t work for incoming.. I’m sure I can look about for some more h323 apps... However I wanted to check here.. What would be cool would be an app that will setup as one or more h323 or MGCP gateways.. Play some sort of user defined wav file to simulate a call out to the PSTN, and also simulate an incoming call with an input box for the digits presented from the telco…. Am I asking for too much?? Perhaps its time to start learning the h323 apis and write something myself…

Cisco Employee

Re: Voice Gateway Simulator

Check out some of the open source tools. I know had some H323 dialing tools. it does not matter so much to emulate a gateway since H323 is peer to peer. Here is a phone, conference server gatekeeper and callgenerator:

If you are interested, you can grab the code as well and have at it. I know the phone works for calls to callmanager and h323 gateways but have not messed with the rest much.

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Re: Voice Gateway Simulator

Yes this is exactly what I have done. I have the Openh323 answering machine app. This works great for simulating outgoing calls... Now I just need to simulate an incomming call...

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