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Voice Health Monitor v1.1 Problem

I have just installed all of the products in the ITEM release on a dedicated server and I am trying to add phones to be managed by VHM. I am running into a problem in that every time I try to add a phone that is registered in Call Manager 3.2.2c, I get a "Failed to create phone object" as the status. It does not seem to matter whether I use a seed file or try to add them one at a time.

I have checked the snmp community strings and they seem to be fine. I have also installed the IP Phone Information add-on and it can see the CallManager and all of the phones just fine. Is there a trick that is not in the documentation? Or have I hit a bug?

New Member

Re: Voice Health Monitor v1.1 Problem

I was pointed to double check the Bugs list, which I had not done yet, and there is a bug registered: CSCdz38653, that suggests a work around to solve this problem. Following the suggestion of changing the protection of soapisapi.dll on the Call Manager to Read&Execute, the problem is solved.

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