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voice mail going to example admin

i have a problem with all voice mail going to the example admin account. this just started in the past day or so. we have made some changes to exch in order to close an open relay. i am sure some of the changes made are causing this problem but am not sure where to start looking. i am running unity on a win2k server with exch 5.5 sp4 on a win2k server. the following is from event viewer on unity<br>Event Type: Warning<br>Event Source: MSExchangeMTA<br>Event Category: X.400 Service <br>Event ID: 178<br>Date: 10/24/2001<br>Time: 6:55:18 PM<br>User: N/A<br>Computer: TECATE<br>Description:<br>An error occurred while transferring in message C=US;A= ;P=ABSi;L=TECATE-011024225318Z-11 because the directory name could not be expanded to an O/R address. An X.400 API Association (XAPIA) unable-to-transfer reason code and unrecognised-OR-name diagnostic code were returned. [MTA SUBMIT 15 73] (14) <br><br>any suggestions on where to start looking in order to fix this would be appreciated. thanks.<br><br>


Re: voice mail going to example admin

Sounds like the messages are ending up undeliverable, so they are going to the Unaddressed Messages DL. Example Admin is the sole member of this group by default.

The Event log error points to a problem with the Exchange Message Transfer Agent. Make sure you don't have any network problems, and check Microsoft's support site for information about this error.

For example: ID: 178&rnk=2&src=DHCS_MSPSS_gn_SRCH&SPR=ECH

Scott Morgan
Cisco Systems TAC


Re: voice mail going to example admin

Maybe you could expand a little on what you guys did in Exchange (and why)… might help us out with some clues. Clearly the MTA is choking on sending the message off our Exchange box to the remote Exchange box(es). In the case of a subscriber to subscriber message that would result in an NDR bouncing back to them. Presumably when you say the Example administrator is getting “all the messages” these are outside (unidentified) callers leaving messages. When the MTA throws them back they are returned to the Unity Messaging System account which then forwards them to the Unaddressed Messages distribution list which, by default, dumps them to the Example administrator.

As to why the MTA is having trouble… I got a couple of possible hits on MSDN about that specific error… this one in particular deals with not having a valid X.400 address for your users:

The bigger question for me, however, is why X.400 is involved here at all… typically we see generic MTA issues (as Scott was eluding to) involving DNS issues and bind back problems etc… but this one is specifically the X.400 connector barking. In general X.400 should only come in to play in unusual situations for site connectors and for connecting to foreign messaging systems. Either way, Unity should not be involved in trying to send messages to subscribers outside of our site. If outside callers are leaving messages and it’s the X.400 connector tripping up the message delivery, that would mean that subscribers must be outside of our site (or, of course, it could mean the error message is completely misleading).

Either way, I’d be curious to know what went down with the changes you made.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)