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Voice mail in the Example Administrator mail box

We are continuely getting voice mail in the Example Administrator's maill box. My guess is that this is a call handler gone bad but I'm not sure. Is there a way to check the "source" of the voice mail left? How can we track down what process or call flow is causing this?<br><br>


Re: Voice mail in the Example Administrator mail box

There's two reasons why messages would get forwarded to the Example Administrator's mailbox.

1. He's the only member by default of the Unaddressed Messaged public distribution list. This is where messages from outside callers go when they can't be delivered for whatever reason. These should be easily recognizable since they come from the Unaddressed Messages DL and will be forwarded NDRs.

2. He's listed as the recipient on all default call handlers. Most notably the Example Interview handler which is, by default, where calls go after hours when no operator is around to handle the calls and the user does not input someone's extension.

You can run BulkEdit real quick and find all call handlers that have Example Administrator listed as the recipient to eyeball how many of these there might be... the interview handlers will need to be checked manually.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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