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Voice mail & IP phone integration

We are trying to use our existing voice mail system (management issue, Nortel CallPilot) with the Cisco 7960 IP phones. The IP phones forward to the CallPilot fine. However, when a user dials into the voice mail for messages, they should be able to press the # key when prompted for their mailbox number, and the system doesn't recognize the # key. It does recognize it after the password. Also we have to create a "dummy" number to get a IP phone call to drop into a valid mailbox on the CallPilot voice mail system.

Any suggestions _BESIDES getting rid of CallPilot. ( A lot of $$ sunk into it).

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Re: Voice mail & IP phone integration


Yes you need a dummy phone number in the PBX to drop messages from an Ip phone to the Voicemail system you have. This because you're not doing proper integration with the call manager and there is no way to pass The IP phone called id for the right VM access, hence the dummy phone on PBX. Also you lose the MWI function without proper integration i.e. via SMDI and voice path through fxs ports on access gateway to the voice card on the PBX.

With the # issue, i would suggest using DTMF relay on the gateway VoIP dial-peer towards the call manager.

Hope things are a bit clearer



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