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Voice Mail messages and recored names are choppy

We have just deployed Unity 3.1 Build 3.1(3) with CCM 3.2(2C), no legacy PBX integration. We are getting consistently poor voice recordings on messages left and on personal greetings.


If you leave a message that counts from 1 to lets say 30 you hear back 1,2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, etc. No pauses in between the missed numbers. They are just not there. It is like packets are being dropped.

This happens from calls originating from the PSTN or from calls originating from other IP phones.

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Re: Voice Mail messages and recored names are choppy

There's many different things that conspire against you that can cause choppy audio. If it's happening both to internal and PSTN calls, then I think that goes a long way in absolving the gateway of any blame. Something like this, though, is often caused by network issues or events. Here are some things to look at:

1. If you copy the voice mail to your machine, does it play back choppy? If yes, then the problem is ingress (rtp stream coming into Unity). If no, the problem is egress (rtp stream leaving Unity).

2. Is this reproduceable? How easily is it reproduceable?

3. Is this happening at a specific time of day? Is there usually a lot of traffic at those times?

4. Have you looked at the switch port Unity is plugged into? Hard code the speed/duplex on *both* sides to 100/full. Look for FCS, runt, or CRC errors.

There's lots of other things to look at, but if these basics don't solve your problem, or at least help you narrow down the issue, then open a TAC case.


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Re: Voice Mail messages and recored names are choppy


You can try this as well. Download the advanced settings tool on to your Unity Server from Jeff Lindborg's site Use the tool to check if you have AGC turned on and your wavegain settings. While this is only supposed to prevent messages from having undulating volume, it may actually chop parts of a message if they are below a certain level.

Ideally, you should be using AGC to ensure that your messages and recorded names have a uniform and consistent volume.

Hope this helps.



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