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Voice Mail Ports Hanging and MWI Lights

We have Unity 3.1(3) installed. We have 24 voice mail ports installed and 700 user licenses. Periodically (every other week) the first voice mail port hangs and users hear 3 -4 rings before actualy getting to their voice mail. Resetting the port hangs the system administration browser window and rebooting the box has been our solution to date. Last Thursday the same thing happened and the MWI light lit up on phones with no messages and phones with messages had no MWI light. Anybody have a fix for this symptom?


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Re: Voice Mail Ports Hanging and MWI Lights

Hi everyone....

I am also having this problem. The first voicemail port usually hangs.

But this problem is not restricted to the first port, I found rebooting is the only thing that helps. We use Cisco Callmanager , and as a work around to the

first port usually hanging, i have forwarded all calls to the next voicemail box number . this helps a bit , But I wonder if there is a Patch or a Fix for this problem.

I also has the problem with the MWI Lights on the phones.Resyncing from the System admin > Switch Screen Usually helped. I also Rebooted the callmanager box and from them it works ok. oh also i set unity to resync everyday at a certain time. Now the only thing is the Ports Hanging...

PLease anybody HELP


Cisco Employee

Re: Voice Mail Ports Hanging and MWI Lights

There are many and varied reasons why a port would go haywire - a number of such problems have been run down and fixed in 3.1(4) and 3.1(5) however there is no single problem that we can point to that will fix all port lockup issues.

The best course of action with this issue is to open a case with TAC and they'll turn on some TSP and MIU traces - when a port becomes locked they'll grab those traces as well as the event log output for that period and the media engineers can wade through it and see if they can figure out where the problem is coming from.

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Re: Voice Mail Ports Hanging and MWI Lights

Before you open that TAC case, though, make sure you read these two links at length:

There's a very good chance your issue is addressed in one of these links. Also something to try is separate out the ports that receive calls and the ones that dial out for MWI and message notification. In other words, set a port to do one or the other, but not both. This helps cut down on the possibility of experiencing the TSP's version of glare.


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