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Voice-Mail seem to be lost

I had a problem with a 3.1.1 install earlier this week where we could leave messages in voice-boxes however when the user logged into the system there where no new messages. We had message notification setup using a text pager notification to send an email to the user when they recieved new voice-mail. The notification included a link to VMI in order for the user to retrieve new messages. I have logged into the EAdministrator account through Outlook Web Access to the local exchange database. The inbox for this user has about 4000 messages that are mostly notification messages that should have been sent to users. This is part 2 of my dilemna, users are not recieving email notification through groupwise. I have DNS setup and running locally with a MX and Host record for the groupwise server. There is also an SMTP connector running currently on the Unity box that is resolving via DNS. Back to part 1 of my dilemna, I am in need of finding these missing voice-mails if they are even still floating around in the system anywhere. My guess as to why these voice-mails that we have seem to lost is that Exchange immediately tried to route the messages to the Groupwise server and GWise was unable to process the email messages. I am at a big loss as to what has happened and if anyone has any input at all I would greatly appreciate it.


Chad Miller - CCNP, CCDP

Cisco Employee

Re: Voice-Mail seem to be lost

This description is a little confusing to me...

First, why are you forwarding messages from the Exchange mailboxes for these users to Groupwise? This is definitley not what you should be doing... the VMI text notification device simply sends an email to any SMTP address you setup and has a link to a web page that will show the Exchange inbox of that user... if you're moving the messages out of Exchange, that whole system breaks down in a hurry, we are not able to do proper notification or turn on their MWI on the phone properly etc... that's definitely the first place to start - turn that off.

If you have routed messages out of Exchange mailboxes using an inbox rule or a server side rule, I don't know what to suggest for tracking them down... they could very well be lost entirely, I just don't know.

I'm puzzled at how:

1. Notifications went out at all - the notification engine should not fire properly if the messages are being moved out of the user's inbox, this is what it filters on to find out if it needs to send out a notification event of any kind, including VMI text pager triggers.

2. those notifications are ending up in the EAdministrator's mailbox. The Eadministrator is the default recipient for the Unaddressed Messages distribtuion list which is where Unity sends messages that come back to the Unity Messaging System account which is the account we use to send all outside caller voice mail messages through. If the target email box was not available or was full or whatever, the message gets bounced back to the Unity Messaging System Account which then forwards it to the Unaddressed Messages DL. This should not have anything at all to do with notification emails being sent out unless for whatever reason your mail routing configuration in Exchange is somehow deciding to send output SMTP mail to this account... which would be pretty odd...

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Re: Voice-Mail seem to be lost

Thanks for the response,

First, I am not trying to forward messages from exchange to groupwise. Rather just trying to send notification that the user has voice-mail. I found the email notifications roughly 4000 of them since installing the system. I also was able to login to the EAdministrator account through a phone and there are voice-mails however the system does not give me a time/date stamp for some reason. I guess my next question is how am I supposed to setup the system for smtp notification. I have upgraded to unity 3.1.4 this weekend. Do I need the SMTP connector installed in exchange? Will the previously configured Text Pager notifications work fine instead of using the VMI notification? I have read through the documentation for user notification but it I dont remember anywhere where it says if Exchange is supposed to be modified for that function.

Cisco Employee

Re: Voice-Mail seem to be lost

Unity doesn't do anything special for emailing out to external SMTP addresses... if you can open an Outlook client and email an external address and it gets there, you're golden... Unity just hands the message off to the Exchange server you selected during Configuration setup and after that it's out of our hands.

The VMI notification device is identical to a text pager device. The difference is it automatically generates the HTML string embeded in the body of the email that the recipient clicks on to get at their web based inbox. If text pagers work then VMI notification devices should work.

All we're doing is sending out emails to an SMTP address. Sounds like you might have an SMTP gateway configuration issue external to us you need to run down. Can you install an Outlook client somewhere and use it to test emails to the target addresses in question?

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Re: Voice-Mail seem to be lost


Thanks for the insight. I will try to send an email to one of the users on the groupwise server tomorrow.



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Re: Voice-Mail seem to be lost

Well I attempted a test last night and thought that I had everything good to go. I added an SMTP connector to Exchange on Unity with the following settings.


Name - Connector to Groupwise

Forward all messages to server(instead of using DNS) - []

Local Bridge Head - Unity

SMTP Address - address ( cost 1

I think I know what is happening. I need any insight on this that ANYONE might have.

Currently there is a Groupwise server that is configured for Also in the DNS setup for Unity there is a host and MX record for the groupwise server. The Exchange install is setup for the same domain as the groupwise server. So what I think is happening is that when Unity records a voice-mail, Exchange is routing that mail for the through the SMTP connector and sending on to the Groupwise server. Since the Groupwise server does not have an email address like what is configured on the Unity box it fails to send the message on to the recipient. Once I remove the SMTP connector and bounce the Unity box everything comes back and working fine in regards to voice-mails staying within the system and users getting there MWI. Tonight I will be doing some testing grabbing sniffer traces as well as setting some aliases up on Groupwise to see if Unity is in fact sending the voice-mail to Groupwise through the SMTP connector. Ill give an update later.


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