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Voice Message Subject Line

Unity 4.0(3)

I have a request from a customer on when they receive a voice message. The message populates the Outlook inbox from an external caller and appears as Message from 9995559999. They are wondering if they can insert the "-" between numbers such that it would appear as 999-555-9999.

I don't think you can, but would like to know for sure.


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Re: Voice Message Subject Line

The subject line construction is not currently adjustable... it's hard coded in the conversations so no, we can't add the dashes in there without a feature request going through.

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Re: Voice Message Subject Line

Ok. How would I initiate a feature request? I only ask because I have had a few customers request this feature.

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Re: Voice Message Subject Line

Have your account team open a PERs request - this is what the product folks look at when deciding where to apply the engineering resources for the next versions of products...

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Re: Voice Message Subject Line

One more question related to this... I know it isn't supported now but maybe it will in future releases:

The customer has just turned on their service for Caller ID which is including NAME and NUMBER. The customer would like to see both name and number in the subject line.

I know for this to work within Unity you need to have a subscriber setup, etc.

Will Unity handle this feature in future releases.


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