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Voice Messages Disappearing

Hi, I have recently upgraded from UNITY 3.1.1 to 3.1.4 due to problems with ports locking up. The upgrade was smooth and cured the port lock up issue. However after one week of perfect operation it now seems that when a call is put through to unity, the system goes through the motions of taking a message and all seems well - but the message is never delivered to the recipients mailbox ! This seems to be the case system wide. Old messages can be deleted but new ones cannot be sent. Exchange is off-box and is Exchange 2000. Below is dump from System Info tool - cheers

Unity server name = 2KS-UNITY

Companion Exchange Server = 2KS-INFO1

Companion Exchange Server Type = Exchange 2000

Unity domain = HC_ADM

Unity verstion = 3.1(4.0)

Cisco Unity TSP version =

Exchange version = Exchange 2000 build: 0

SQL Version = Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 8.00.474

Windows version = 5.0 Build 2195: Service Pack 2

Switch 0 = Cisco0002.INI

Switch 1 = Cisco0002.INI

Ports = 12

Default recording codec = 8K Mu-Law

TUI Languages loaded = ENG

GUI Languages loaded = ENG

TTS Default Engine = LnH

Total Subscribers = 136

Total Call Handlers = 3

Total subscribers homed locally = 0

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Re: Voice Messages Disappearing

Messages aren't just being tossed... honest.

The most likely scenario is that the Unity UMR component is having trouble connecting to your off box Exchange to deliver outside caller messages. In this case you'll see errors in the application event log along these lines and you'll also see a bunch of files in the \commserver\unityMTA directory.

there could be any number of reasons why the connection to Exchange has gone haywire (DNS issues, profile got fouled up, Unity messaging system missing, rights issue on the messages facing service accounts etc...). The place to start is the application event log.

It could also be related to full mailboxes but that's highly unlikely since this is happening for everyone... regardless, these messages would be bounced NDR back to the UnaddressedMessages public distribution list - hopefully you've added a real admin type person to that DL but if not the default member is the Example Administrator account - you can check that inbox for messages.

As a side note - can subscribers leave messages for each other directly (i.e. sub to sub vs. unidentifed callers leaving messages)? If not there may be larger network issues at play - if so that supports the theory of the UMR connection issue since the UMR is only used to deliver unidentified caller messages via the Unity Messaging System account on the companion exchange server.

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Re: Voice Messages Disappearing

Thanks for the feedback,

Before posting I did check this forum and saw other comments which referred to the \commserver\unityMTA directory - so I checked that out and the directory is empty (so is the "failed" directory).

I'm pretty sure that it is not down to full mailboxes either as I've had a clean out. I do have a real admin type assigned to the NDR side of things and their mailbox is not incrementing either.

To cap it all I cannot get one subscriber to send a message to another subscriber internally either - confusing eh !

My gut feeling is that Unity IS passing the messages on to the Exchange box and it is with Exchange that the problem lies.

All diagnostics that I've run on the Unity box seem to confirm this i.e the syscheck utility reports 100% pass rate !

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Re: Voice Messages Disappearing

my guess would be an Exchante MTA type issue then... if no one's messages are getting anywhere that's where I'd look. Take a peek in the event logs on your Exchange servers and see if you find RPC or bindback errors in there - could be a DNS issue tripping the whole system up since the MTA uses remote procedure calls that require DNS to be flying right to get it's job done.

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