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New Member

Voice Monitor Configuration - Need help !!!!!!!!

I have been unsuccessful thus far in correctly configuring this to work.

My scenarios is as follows: 10 ICD Phone agents and 2 Supervisor desktops. The phones and CRS are on the same subnet/ VLAN but are physically 3 switches apart thus I used RSPAN to get the RTP traffic back to CRS. The switches are: 4006 > 6509's > 3550. All 3 support RSPAN and as they are on the same subnet there is no routing. I have also set up a second NIC on the CRS server as the 3550 doesnt't play well when receiving SPAN traffic on an access port.

Now the problem is I haven't been able to hear or see any signs of traffic getting back to the CRS server so I am obviously missing something..Duh

If anybody has any suggestions, configs etc I would really appreciate the feedback.



Re: Voice Monitor Configuration - Need help !!!!!!!!

I don't know the answer, but my first step would be to grab a protocol analyzer and plug into the span port on the 3550 to see if any data is coming down from the other switches. You could use sniffer for this, or you could user something like Ethereal ( You would look for unicast packets from one of the phones on the 4006 to the CallManager. If you see that, your switches are good, if not, I would concentrate there.

If you want, post the configs of the switches and we can take a look (remove passwords please).



Re: Voice Monitor Configuration - Need help !!!!!!!!

I agree with Rick, you need to eliminate one of the uncertainities, either the RSPAN is at fault or the Voice monitoring server.

Try the sniffer, or if possible try connecting an agent to the switch where CRS resides (i think its the 3550) and see if you are able to hear and record something.

Ley us know the result, heres a link which talks about SPAN and RSPAN ...


New Member

Re: Voice Monitor Configuration - Need help !!!!!!!!

Is the CRS/ICD server plugged into the same switch as the PSTN gateways? If so, spanning those ports and sending the traffic to the port the second NIC from the ICD server is on will allow you to monitor calls from the PSTN to the agents. You will not be able to monitor agent to agent calls but from my experience external calls are what typically needs to be monitored. Let me know what type of switch (and the ports the gateways/icd server are plugged in to) and I can give you the exact commands to enter to get you working.

New Member

Re: Voice Monitor Configuration - Need help !!!!!!!!

Solved for now by placing Gateway in the same VLAN as the phones and CRS server. Have the ability to monitor calls out the gateway but not agent to agent. Will probably also run into a problem as most calls are internal 5 digit dial and don't go through that gatway. At least I know more about how it works now.


Re: Voice Monitor Configuration - Need help !!!!!!!!

You will need to configure RSPAN in order to get agent to agent monitoring working.

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