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Voice Monitoring - 1KB file

When a Supervisor in our Call Center tries to record a call, the files are only 1KB. Any clue on what's going on? The supervisor, agent and voice monitor server are all on one switch and I'm using SPAN. Are there any special permissions I need to set on the server?


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Re: Voice Monitoring - 1KB file

Your switch configuration for port monitoring is not working. If you conigured as monitoring vlan right now, maybe you can change to monitor port.

Have a try.

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Re: Voice Monitoring - 1KB file

It's already set to monitor port.

Source port is 3 (IP phone)

Destination port is 24 (Voice Monitor Server)

They are on different vlans.

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Re: Voice Monitoring - 1KB file


In some cisco switches, it is necessary to have Source and Destination ports on the same VLAN for SPAN to work properly.

Please see the attached document to check the limitations and features of SPAN and RSPAN.



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Re: Voice Monitoring - 1KB file

If you have your IP Phones (Source) and your IPCC Express VOIP Monitoring/Rascal Server on seperate different LAN switch (destination) then you need to configure RSPAN (catos) or Remote Monitoring (IOS).

Create a new VLAN and create it as a RSPAN VLAN. Then when you configure your RSPAN Source and Destination you will map them to your RSPAN VLAN.




Re: Voice Monitoring - 1KB file

If you do not need to record Agent to Agent calls you don't necesarily need to use RSPAN. As long as your CRS/VOIP Monitor server are in the same switch you can just span that port. If you do that you will be able to monitor/record agent calls from/to the PSTN even if they are on different switches.

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