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Voice over Frame Testing and Dial Peers

Hello. I have two questions. First I have configured two 2620 back to back in order to test a voice over frame relay solution. The frame connection works until I add the data and call control sub channels under the DLCI. How can I configure this so that I will be able to test the network?


I have a question about dial peers. What I am trying to to is connect two PBX's. I would like to be able to 4-digit dial between them and use the PBX in my main location for access to our long distance T-1. I have configured the frame for a permanent trunk and configured the voice ports on each end for a tie line connection. I have configured the dial peers as show below but I don’t think that this will allow me to use the long distance t1 on the other end.

Any thoughts on would be greatly appreciated

dial-peer voice 2 vofr

destination-pattern 7...

called-number 5...

session protocol frf11-trunk

session target Serial0/0 231 4


codec g729br8

no vad


dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern 7

port 1/0:0

forward-digits 4


Re: Voice over Frame Testing and Dial Peers

You need a frame relay switch in the middle. It is not possible to back to back 2 routers. The good news is that any router can be configured as a frame relay switch with the proper configuration, so you just need another router with 2 serial interfaces.


Re: Voice over Frame Testing and Dial Peers

Thanks! I do have one with 2 serials connectors although I will have to do some switching after hours.

is there a way that I can configure my dial peers so that whe a phone is picked up in the remote location and selects the VOFR trunk group on the PBX that they will get dial tone from the system on the other loation. Sort of like PLAR?



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