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Voice set up history log

We had a strange occurrence whereby an unknown person went into a person's mailbox and changed their greeting to something very offensive. Even though the mailbox holder has been advised to change the password to something more difficult as well as to not share it, they would like to know if there is any tracking availability to determine how or who did this as they are in sales management.<br><br>


Re: Voice set up history log

This change could have taken place from the SA/AA interface and you can run the “Administrative Access” report that will show all objects changed/added/deleted and which Exchange account that was authenticated for that session.

For the phone access it’s not as easy… there is a “failed login” report that will show folks attempting to hit a box and trying different passwords. The hard part is identifying that person… it does log the extension number (or caller ID if provided by the switch integration) but, of course, the call could have come from anywhere so that may not be very useful in tracking the person down.

There isn’t a report that will show all activity in a subscriber’s box from the phone including admin changes. There’s a message activity report that shows access to the box and reading/deleting/changing messages, but nothing that notes when a greeting is activated or changed or whatever.

Might be a good idea for a new report...

Jeff Lindborg
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