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Voice Statistics

I need to know the default size of a subscriber mailbox and how many minutes of voice call is that equivalent to? In addition if a subscriber mailbox is full will Unity send out a prompt telling the subscriber to delete their mails or will Unity override the old mails with the new mails?<br><br>


Re: Voice Statistics

No such thing as a default size for a mailbox. The inbox of a subscriber is dictated in Exchange. By default it's unlimited. The customer can choose to limit all the users in a site or per user limits as they see fit.

The number of messages that fit in a particular size depends on the codec being used. By default we record MuLaw 711 which is 8 KB/sec. you can choose other codecs (i.e. G729a is 1KB/sec, ADPCM can go 3/4KB/sec).

Yes, Unity warns you when you are getting close to your first limit in Exchange when you call in to check messages. After you get to your first limit you are warned and cannot send messages over the phone. When you reach your second limit the warning changes to indicate you are not getting any messages either.

No, Unity doesn't not automatically remove messages ever. Once limits in Exchange are reached, it will reject messages (i.e. we couldn't over ride it if we wanted to). Works just like email or fax messages. you reach your first limit you can't send, you reach your second limit you can't send or receive.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
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