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voice & viedo over WAN link

I have to implement viedo and voice over WAN link, i have to stream live CCTV output over WAN link from local office to HQ(approx 250km away), and enable voice over the same WAN link, what i am in need is the right product for this solution.

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Re: voice & viedo over WAN link

Is the Video going to just one location or multiple locations? You can enable QOS on your WAN link and use the Cisco IPTV to stream from the remote site. I successfully tested this on a QOS enabled Internet from the East Coast to the West Coast

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Re: voice & viedo over WAN link

thankx a lot for the reply, yes the viedo is going to one location, actually i have nver yet done any viedo based networking, i have few ques...

01. does the output of CCTV goes directly in router

02. which card i have to purchase, the client is having 1720.

03. how to setup IPTV.

pl ans, i be most gratefull

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