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Voicemail messages cut short at 30 seconds

We are running CM 3.2 and Unity 3.1 (interfaces with Exchange 2000). We recently rebooted our CMs and Unity server. After the reboot it seems that people cannot leave voicemail messages longer than roughly 30 seconds. This applys to external and internal calls. Any ideas? I really have to get this one fixed. Thanks in advance!

Bill E.


Re: Voicemail messages cut short at 30 seconds

Hi Bill -

Sorry for asking more questions ... what behavior are you seeing, i.e. does the voicemail message get truncated, or the call get terminated? Any errors in either your CallManager or Unity application event logs during the time someone leaves a message? Was this working OK before the reboot and what do you have specified in Unity SA for maximum message length? I am running Unity 3.1(5), you can check on the COS for your subscribers, section Messages, for length of messages subscribers can leave. I believe the external caller message length is set in the Subscriber template, section Messages.

Also - I recommend you engage TAC, if you haven't already, since this appears to be occurring for all calls.

Best wishes! Ginger

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