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VoiceMail Messages get cut off between 1 and 2 min

Unity 2.4.6(161), TSP 3.0.4, CM 3.1(2c) w/ g711 and g729 enabled, but no messages are being left g729 yet.<br><br>I have complaints of messages being cut off at different points. The caller does not appear to notice that the message has been cutoff. COS and user profiles are set to 300 second maximum message length, yet I have not been able to successfully leave a message over 2 minutes. Sometimes quite a bit less than that. This is not a pause-while-speaking issue either, because some of the messages I have received have been cutoff in the middle of a phone number or sentence. Maximum individual message size in exchange is 5Mb, and none of these messages exceed 1Mb. Any ideas?<br><br>Matt Slaga <img src="/images/icons/wink.gif"><br>Dimension Data US<br><font color=red>MCNE</font color=red>, <font color=blue>MCSE2k</font color=blue>, <font color=purple>CCIE #8629 Unity Systems Engineer</font color=purple>


Re: VoiceMail Messages get cut off between 1 and 2 min

What's the caller hearing when they are leaving the message? You say they don't notice... so Unity isn't coming back and saying "thank you..." and going into the after message edit conversation (if you have it enabled)? Is it just hanging up on them?

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Re: VoiceMail Messages get cut off between 1 and 2 min

It does not give any indication. This happens only on occasion and you really wouldn't notice unless you stayed on the line long enough to get a fast busy from the phone company.

I do have a trace going on currently for CiscoTSP for a TAC case not related to this issue. This problem seems to have started (can't say for sure) about when I turned on the traces (Maestrotools). I have shut them off (I think, not quite sure how to make sure they are off) to see if it makes any difference.

Matt Slaga
Dimension Data US
MCNE, MCSE2k, CCIE #8629 Unity Systems Engineer

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