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VoiceMail Notification

Our client has CallManager 3.1(2)c, integrated with I3 Voicemail. When a caller leaves a message, the light lights and the envelope icon appears. The customer says that occasionally the message, "you have 1 new voicemail (or something to that effect)", appears on the 7940 display.

1. Can the phone display this message?

2. How is this controlled?

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Re: VoiceMail Notification

That CallManager tells the phone to display this message. So you are saying that sometimes it will display "you have a voicemail" but there is not light and there is no voice mail?

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Re: VoiceMail Notification

Yes, typically there is always the lamp indicator on the handset and the flashing envelope on the extension. However occasionally there is the text message without the flashing envelope. And this morning there was just the text message with no lamp indicator or flashing envelope. Really freaky. Any ideas. By the way, continuing this for Mike, he had to travel today. Thanks, Bart

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Re: VoiceMail Notification

It also seems that when there is just the text notification (MWI) on the phone, that there is an email message in the subscribers box. This would explain why the text on the phone doesn't say " you have a missed call", which is typical with a voice mail message. The customer needs this MWI to be consistent.

Does CallManager need MWI on/off configured to use MWI in a TAPI integrated messaging environment? Are these codes only for an analog voice mail or are they used regardless of integration type? We are considering testing with MWI on/off codes deleted.

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