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Voicemail Retention

Is there anywhere within the Unity system that allows you to configure the retention times for read/unread messages?<br><br>If not is this a possible option for the future?<br><br>Many thanks<br><br>R.<br><br>


Re: Voicemail Retention

No, there's currently no built in way to have us automatically delete messages based on aging or other criteria. In general we've been leery about going there since the risk of having us toasting something in a user's inbox and freaking someone out is too high. We don't even want to be on the short list of suspects when messages "dissapear" out of user's inboxes so we haven't touched that. Even allowing users to empty their deleted items folder over the phone was a delicate decision...

There are some Exchange tools, however, that you can use to meet the same end. Check out this thread on the mailbox cleanup tool offered in the Back Office resource kit: Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=100&Old=allposts&Main=479

This has the advantage of being able to setup reasonably complex criteria based on message type, age and the like and it allows you to send warnings to users before stuff is going to get removed which is real nice in some situations. It's also supported by Microsoft unlike some other cleanup applications.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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