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voicemail user ratio

We will use Octel email and will use Cisco DPA as a gateway to Octel voicemail system. We have about 2000 users, and do we have any standard voicemail user ratio 10:1, 20:1 or 30:1 etc, thus we can order the correct number of DPA for this? So if the ratio is 20:1, then we need 4 DPA.

Number of DPA = 2000 users / 20 (ratio) / 24 DPA ports is about 4 DPA devices.

Please advice. Thank you.

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Re: voicemail user ratio

Hi Tom ...what is your current environment? The DPA and Octel will be configured in a 1:1 port/session ratio. So if you currently have 100 Octel ports for 2000 users without "all ports busy" conditions then your 20:1 (4 DPA's) ratio will work.We are in the early stages of our IPT rollout and have 600 users working fine on 1 DPA 7610. We just added a second DPA to transition another 400 to 500 phones from Nortel to Cisco in 2006.Keep an eye on your traffic and port usage and you should be good.Remeber that the DPA becomes the controller for MWI On/Off so not all of the 24 ports on the DPA will be used for voice messaging. Check out this link.

Hope this helps!


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Re: voicemail user ratio

If the customer has 2000 existing users on the Octel you can determine the port requirements from the existing traffic reports. Alternatively just match the existing Octel port count to the DPA ports. Maximum FLT port capacity on the 250 is 64 using 2 cabinets. The FLT cards are 8 ports each


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