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Hi, I want to delete the user's VoiceMails on demand. Does CCM can do that using JTAPI or other related programming interface?

thanks in advance


Re: VoiceMail

You mean delete the account on the voicemail system (which system by the way.. unity, unity connection, unity express or a 3rd party system), remove the voicemail access from the user or delete a user's messages in the voicemail store?

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Re: VoiceMail

I want to delete a user's messages in the voicemail store. The voicemail store can be unity or a 3rd party system.


Re: VoiceMail

You're not treading lightly, are you? ;)

Unity has no APIs.. but since Unity is integrated into Exchange, you can access exchange to perform the deletion. It will require some extensive reading up on the Exchange SDK. I suggest this as a starting point: (as it happens, the client who ordered the personal directory lookup suddenly had a change of heart now and now I have to access Exchange.. so that's how I got that link). Prepare to enter the world of WebDAV. There are other means, but WebDAV is the most modern and multi-purpose (as in you can use it from non MS environments using non MS programming languages).

As for third party systems.. you have to read their documentation and figure out how they work.. keep in mind that in the Cisco world, VoiceMail and CallManager are very loosely connected.. it's not like you can tell your callmanager to list available voicemails and the likes.

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