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voip dial peer ip address

can anyone confirm what ip address a 36xx h323 voip dial peer would use when it has to route ip traffic between subnets ?

If a callmanager is set to use the ip address on one of the routers' sub interfaces as the gateway address. Will that address always be used as the source ip if the router has to route to a remote phone via another interface ?

i have a worry that the router will use the ip address of the egress interface as it's source ip therefore leading to audio problems.

If so anyway around this - loopbacks ?

Cisco Employee

Re: voip dial peer ip address

You are correct in your concerns. If the endpoint of the RTP stream is out a different interface on the router, than the H.323 signaling and the RTP stream can originate from different IP addresses, causing one-way audio in most cirsumstances.

The best way to solve this problem is by using a Loopback interface, and using a command introduced in 12.1(2)T that will cause all H.323 signaling and RTP streams to source from this address. Then point your CallManager H.323 gateway config to this address. Example:

interface Loopback0

&nbspip address

&nbsph323-gateway voip bind srcaddr

Community Member

Re: voip dial peer ip address

thanks for the feedback.

One of my collegues was also told by TAC that 12.15T5 is the best IOS to be used and the command can't be used on subinterfaces (eg .1Q or ISL trunks)

It has to be a Physical or loopback as you suggested.

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