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VoIP & H.323

Hi, we have a network with Router 1750 and 2610 (on the some LAN) we configuring this routers to reoute Voip trafics, but if we makes telephone call between Analog Phone and Netmeeting or viceversa the call is not maked.

Wat can i check in de router.



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Re: VoIP & H.323

Have you tried the CODEC? Doesn't NetMeeting use a different CODEC than the normal G.711 and G.729. I think it uses G.723 or something. Anyways, You can set up a "voice class codec" with several different CODECs on your router and let them figure out which CODEC to use. The "voice-class codec" needs to be applied to the VOIP dial-peer.

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Re: VoIP & H.323

Yes, i Tried.

The CODEC doesn't the problem.


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Re: VoIP & H.323

I'm not sure if this is related but I've seen similar problems in the Call Manager environment when the H.323 bind address isn't assigned to the ethernet port on the router. Do you have the "h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr A.B.C.D" command under the ethernet interface?

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Re: VoIP & H.323

The Srcaddr is correct, which I have noticed when realize debug of router is that as srcaddr places IP address of the Router and as destaddr places IP address of same host from where the call is generated, with which enters LOOP.

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Re: VoIP & H.323

Here are two bugs that may or maynot be related.


Bug Id : CSCdt83855

cant run NetMeeting, wrong dsp code

Product c3600 Model

Component c3600 Duplicate of

Severity 2 Status C

Version Found 12.1(5)T Fixed-in Version

Release Notes

Using Microsoft NetMeeting to place VOIP calls through 3662 gateway the sessions are failing.

The problem is in c3600 dsp firmware. The version of image you have doesn''t support NetMeeting. Which was determined by Fred Shu.


Bug Id : CSCds85192

Netspeak GK rejects Netmeeting calls

Product as5800 Model

Component voice-h323 Duplicate of

Severity 2 Status H

Version Found 12.2 Fixed-in Version

Release Notes

The Netspeak GK rejects calls with ARJ to the terminating gateway with the reason of "routeCallToGatekeeper" but without the gatekeeper''s IP address or "alternative alias". Thereofore the gateway can not send facility msg. with the same reason to the Netmeeting to indicate to it to send SETUP directly to Netspeak gatekeeper. The call will fail. This is not a gateway problem. It is Netspeak and could also be Netmeeting as well if Netmeeting does not support facility msg. with the reason of "routeCalltoGatekeeper". Work around: If the network configuration is not absolutely required to have gatekeeper route signalling then configure Netspeak to operate in non-gatekeeper route signaling to avoide the problem.

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