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VOIP Networking

As far as I know, with the introduction of the 12.2(8) IOS the 2600 series now can provide SIP services. My question is would this network topology function nad has anyone actually tried it. I am trying together a end-to-end SIP solution that interacts with the PSTN.

A 2650 using a 10/100 and digital t-1 modules. The T-1 is connected to ISDN PRI and the 10/00 would be routing to another 2650. Also, using a SIP proxy server and ATA-186. The call flow, abriged version, would go something like this.

A person using a Analog Phone places call. It is connected to the ATA-186. The signaling goes to the SIP proxy server. Proxy informs the ATA-186 to route packets to the LAN 2650 and also uses the DSP to packet the analog voice signal. The RTP packets are routed to the first 2650 using the 12.2.(8) running SIP. then the LAN 2650 routes the packets to the second 2560 which is set-up as a digital gateway connected to the PSTN. Then the two end users are now connected passing voice traffic via SIP, RTP and the traditional phone network.

I am somewhat new at network desgin for VOIP but does anyone beleive this would work and if not have I left anything out.


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Re: VOIP Networking

SIP works fine, except the the gateways won't do proxying.

I might be confused about your setup, but it sounds like you should have your proxy directing to the second 2650 not the first.

To me it sounds like you want the first gateway to do proxying as well.

There is no problem for the gateways to do sip-PSTN, but not SIP-SIP.

I have a setup with SIP phones on the outside and Call manager on the inside, and connect them using PSTN. Messy, but it was fast to set up and it works.

Rene Bo

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Re: VOIP Networking

If all your attention is to make Sip2PSTN calls and you do not have to do Authentication and authorization you can use simplified the network by using the ATA186 pointing to the Media GW (2600).

I will recommend using the proxy if you required doing auth, location, registration, you are intending supporting PSTN2Sip etc...

Maybe I am missing something her, why you need the Proxy?

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