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voip on C1750 with FXS

Dear all,

I just installed the C1750 with fXS, running about 3 months, we found that when we make a call to remote, which is soundless, we add global command

1) call rsvp sync

2) voice call send alert

3) voice rty send rece

everything seems Normal, but the call interval 3 minutes was drop

Please help

New Member

Re: voip on C1750 with FXS

There's not much there on why the call dropped. Have you checked the AVVID Tech Tips section of for ideas? If there's much of an IP topology involved in the network, QoS may be contributing to the packets (and therefore the call) not surviving.

New Member

Re: voip on C1750 with FXS

I had similar issues, made the same changes and it worked, until data flow increased on the network. Since the WAN was FRS, lower speed UNI's, I had the customer increase the CIR to 1/2 the UNI and applied Fragmentation. This is not a guarantee, but it will help. If more than 1 frame is dropped in a row, the call will drop. Check the WAN load

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