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VOIP Problem after upgrading IOS router 12.1x to 12.2x. No VOIP operation with old IOS 12.19 routers using a 12.2x VOIP IOS.

On a VOIP network I was using 12.19 IOS. After I updraded one of the routers to IOS 12.26 (voice support) I now I cannot establish voice communications.

I never get a tone from the remote side (12.19) making a call from 12.26

Tones and port signaling flow apparently ok.

If I debug the RTP SPI on the remote side (12.19) sends the following message:

4d00h: :rtp_udp_unreachable:Entered: ICMP unreachable for dest port16928

Call legs work fine except I have no call completition.

I imagine I have to upgrade all of my IOS routers VOIP to 12.2x, meanwhile is there a workaround ?


Re: VOIP Problem after upgrading IOS router 12.1x to 12.2x. No V

Do you have a reason for upgrading the IOS, if not

I would suggest a downgrade to the former image or to

new image available for download on cco.

Also the ICMP unreachable, might mean the ip address

sent in the h225 call set up as the sation h323 ipaddress

might not be reachable. I would think the loopback address was used in this

case and can't be reached.

If that the case just put the loopback address in your routing protocol

or use static route pointing to the right next-hop.

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