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VOIP rural setup

I am planning to setup very low cost rural VOIP using VSAT and wiress loop ie with access point in point to multipoint mode with IP phones at the CPE.

the problem iam facing is how do I limit just only 4 users or IP conversation/call at a time.

let me explain clearly...i have bandwidth through VSAT of about 34Kbps and so 4 users can have voice channels at 8 Kbps compression. for instance i have 15 users or subscribers with IP phones connected to wireless.if more users at a time request for IP call then voiceIP call would be how do i control them.

IPphone > Accesspoint > Router > VSAT <

can you suggest where i can make to limit only 4 users at a time.

i cant limit in the wireless loop as the AP allow all the IP call request.what kind of low end router or access product or VOIP products i can use to limit IP calls at anyone time.this setup is in remote rural areas. all these rural is connected to our NOC through VSAT.if a user picks IP phone he gets IVR from NOC through VSAT:

i would be glad if you could help me in this project.

also i would like to know if any cisco router with call manager software.



Re: VOIP rural setup

(1) RSVP is one way to limit the number of calls over a link, as call admission control

is a feature of RSVP.

(2) Low Latency Queueing (LLQ) can be configured and an appropriate amount of priority bandwidth set

to guarantee VoIP traffic voice quality. In times of congestion if there isn't enough bandwidth

available as dictated by the priority bandwidth, LLQ will also act as a form of call admission

control and prevent more calls from being set up. See "Low Latency Queueing" at

for more information, or

"Low Latency Queueing for Frame Relay" at

(3) Perhaps the easiest thing to do is to use the "max-conn" command on the VoIP/VoFR dial-peers --

see the command reference at

for more information. Let's say you have RouterA and RouterB:

You can use Cisco routers like 2621XM and IOS which has ITS 3.0 or ITS 2.1 (IP Telephony service) support. ITS will act as a call manager

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