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VoIP Solution for ISP

Dear All,

I am new to this forum, and i've got a question regarding VoIP design for ISP.

After searching in CCO, i found that the proposed solution includes the Cisco PGW, and i don't think that we need a softswitch @ the start.

My question is, can i interface with the PSTN using only Media Gateway (AS5850) and Cisco SLT, without using PGW while having SS7 for signalling ?

Thanks in advance.


Re: VoIP Solution for ISP

No, this is not possible. You will need the PGW signaling controller.

You can use some other brand's products for SS7 interconnection. Like NACT, or Performance Technologies.

If you need a protocol converter (C7 to ISDN PRI or R2) at a modest price, contact me off the list

Re: VoIP Solution for ISP

Thanks for your quick response, but i've got someone assuring that it can be done ...

I think that i'll keep searching, and if i fail then i'll contact you imediatly.

Thanks alot.

New Member

Re: VoIP Solution for ISP

Hi Mohammed,

To be frank with you, for Cisco SS7 connectivity you need Cisco PGW2200 or BTS10200 (or other vendors). Only AS5X00 with SLT will never work.

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