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VoIP via VPN

We have CallManager 4.1 in location A. Its branch office (location B) have IP phones connecting to the CallManager via Fiber. Location B was setup long back and things are working fine without any issues. Now location C is a sub-branch of B. B and C are linked via VPN (Junniper's 5GT NetScreen both ends). IP Phones in C register with the CallManager in A via the VPN and via the Fiber WAN link. Everything for C works fine except sometimes when they try to call an extension in B, they get a fast-busy tone. Most of the phones work most of the time.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: VoIP via VPN

Is there fast-busy tone between location C and A?

If so, is the fast-busy tone occuring at same time between location C to B and A?

If it is so, please check the VPN sessions are getting re-established at that time or not, after its key expire time.

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Re: VoIP via VPN

Thanks for your post.

Its a site-to-site vpn and the link is always up and active. There are other traffic that traverse this link for example, C talks to the Exchange server in B via the VPN link.

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