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VoIP with NEC PBX VoIP Card

I have a NEC PBX with the VoIP card in each PBX at each side of the WAN..the sites are connected via a T-1 with Cisco 2600s on each side.

There is a tie line configured between the two PBXs, though the company responsible for this is very vague with any information.

The phone calls are fine until someone launches a web page, then it starts to break up.

I set up quality of service, but the vofr commands don't see any voice traffic..i am thinking that the CID that the NEC uses is different from what cisco uses..any ideas about this..?

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Re: VoIP with NEC PBX VoIP Card

On my opinion you need to consider QoS deployment on 2600, like LLQ (make sure your ISO support it). Create traffic classes, ie voice class, data class, internet class, …etc. After that assign voice class into priority queue and very carefully assign bandwidth to it because any traffic that exceed bandwidth in Priority queue will be dropped.

Next question is how yo are identifying VoIP/VoFR traffic. I presume you have FR Network and your QoS done via map FR statements. ALso you need "LLQ for FR' feature on 2600.

Why not to classify voice traffic in the following way:

create Access-list for voice

# ip access-list extended neaxvoice

# permit ip “allow IP traffic from PABX IP Address”

class-map voice

match access-group neaxvoice

policy-map general

class voice

priority x “set b/w”

This should help.



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