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VPN and IP phone

I have a 3002 vpn (at home)that is connected to a linksys router/switch that connects to my cable modem. I am using client mode on the 3002. It will tunnel a connection to my office 3002. I have the dhcp option 150 set in the home 3002 to point to my call manager. It registers fine but the conversations are only one way. I can talk but can not hear. Is there a setting I have not set or set wrong?

Thanks in advance.



Re: VPN and IP phone

Did you mean that the 3002 can tunnel back to a 3005? Anyways, an IP phone will only work correctly behind a 3002 in Network Extension Mode, not client mode if my frail, feeble memory serves. A quote taken from

Q. What is the difference between Client mode and Network Extension mode?

A. Client mode has fewer parameters. The stations behind the Cisco VPN 3002 are invisible (nonroutable) to the central site and the Internet because of PAT. In Network Extension mode, the network behind the Cisco VPN 3002 is visible (routable) to the central site but PAT is still used to the Internet. There are more parameters. The DHCP server must be disabled or filled with real, routable addresses.

End quote.

So do you see the problem? Switch over to NEM and you should be fine.

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Re: VPN and IP phone

Thanks for the help. I have a 3002 and I tunnel to a 3015. I set my 3002 to Network Extension Mode and made some users and groups in the 3015. Every thing is strong now. IP phone works great. Most people don't know I am at home.

Thanks again.


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