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%VTSO-3-DSP_TIMEOUT:DSP timeout on event 6: DSP ID=0X1:DSP

What does this message %VTSO-3-DSP_TIMEOUT:DSP timeout on event 6: DSP ID=0X1:DSP mean?

I have a cisco router MC-3810 and the logg console send the message, my calls is not completed


Re: %VTSO-3-DSP_TIMEOUT:DSP timeout on event 6: DSP ID=0X1:DSP

A timeout has occurred on the DSP response.

Recommended Action: The DSP has been automatically reset. If problem persists, contact your Cisco technical support representative

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Re: %VTSO-3-DSP_TIMEOUT:DSP timeout on event 6: DSP ID=0X1:DSP

%VTSP-3-DSP_TIMEOUT: DSP timeout on event 6: DSP ID=0x1: DS

P error stats, chnl info(1, 9, 0)

What does the above message means . CCO says it is a DSP Timeout error . We have two E1 working on a 3660 router . The error comes in only one of them. Cisco's suggestion is to talk to cisco technical support

Phone Calls at randam does not gets thru.

Re: %VTSO-3-DSP_TIMEOUT:DSP timeout on event 6: DSP ID=0X1:DSP

this is a bug with DSP possibly, could also be hardware. Are you on newer IOS, 12.2.6a fixed this bug but I suggest running latest 12.2 or 12.3 code as more DSP bugs have been fixed since this one.

If you have NM-HDV, use the 'test dsprm slot#' command where slot# is where HDV is and choose option 1. Need to have 'term mon' on first to see output. This will ping each DSP and tell you if it is alive or not.

See URL below on troubleshooting this.

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