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Wave Files - Bulk Import for Pre-Recorded First Name Last Name Greeting

A customer is having the First Name Last Name digitally recorded by a vendor. No subscriber will be able to record their own first and last name. Does anyone know of a means to perform a "bulk import". Is there a csv header that could included the first and last name, plus extension, plus a header for file location... this way all 400+ wave files could be imported in mass ... otherwise, this will be a tedious process. Paste from File, save. Next subscriber, paste from file, save.

The existing Lucent G3 Definity / Audix allows the recorder to dial an access number, enter an extension, record the name, dial the next extension, record the name.

Cisco Employee

Re: Wave Files - Bulk Import for Pre-Recorded First Name Last Na

No such utility exists today... I have the bulk handler create tool which can slurp in greetings for handlers but I haven't done anything similiar for subscribers at this point. The CSV import tool for subscriber (in the Unity program group) doesn't have any colunns for the voice name and it doesn't look like that's on deck for the import either. That's not normally what folks are importing.

It'd be pretty straight forward for me to create a tool that would slurp in WAV files for voice names and greetings for subscribers. I had a similiar request for a site that wanted to make sure every user had a voice name filled in so extensions wouldn't be played over the directory handler. Not the same situation but such a tool would have worked for them as well.

It would have to assume the subscriber already exists and then dump the voice names into the system and kick off a directory synch (since voice names are also replicated into the directory). A simple CSV file that took the alias/extension of the user and a path to the WAV file for their voice name would be pretty straight forward. I might be able to get to this early next week... is that too late for your setup?

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