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Web Attendant - can we get call forward status from it?

Customer has a lucent PBX migrating to CM (3.2.2c). The receptionist has the large console at the front desk. She can tell if users are on the phone or have "do not disturb" (DND) activated on their phone.

Web attendant can show the receptionist the status of users (ringing, hold, online) but cant tell when they are forwarded to VM (our solution for DND)

This company does not want the receptionist to just forward caller to VM without checking to see if the called party is available first.

They used to be able to voice announce/intercom to the extension to give a shout for the user. We can't do this either with the call manager system

If we put the line apperance on the 7914 expansion module you can look at the icon of the phone and see that its forwarded. However, there are 50 users in the company (not enough butons) and you also can't forward calls to the line apperance (like the lucent) .So this doesn't seem like a good solution

Does anyone have any suggestions how to let the front desk know that a user has a phone forwarded to VM ?

It seems that we are taking away features that a 7 year old Lucent system currently has. does anyone else feel this way?

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Re: Web Attendant - can we get call forward status from it?

I had the same problem for the company I used to work for. There is currently no way to get that information through the Attendant Console. We wrote our own application that displayed callforward status for each user in a web browser. We soon realized that other feature were needed and eventually moved to a 3rd party attendant console that can do just about anything! For more information on ArcConsole visit and go the Arc forums. There lead tech moderates that forum and can get you a demo.

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