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Webattendant Question

What is up with WebAttendant not able to support Phones that have shared line appearences? I would love to roll this out to users but we have people with 7914's attached to the 7960's to monitor peoples calls/voicemail/etc and would like to retain those features and still use webattendant..

Is there any solution around this?

Cisco TechNote:

Note: The information in this document is based on Cisco CallManager 2.4.


If an IP phone is configured with multiple line appearances of the same Dialing Number (DN), and this phone is to be used by a Web Attendant (WA) user, the Web Attendant application will generate an error when the WA user attempts to login. The error is:

"Login Failed: Phone Device was found. However the device is not ready."

You will not be able to login until the multiple line appearances are configured with unique DNs .


Return to the Call Manager Administrator and configure the Web Attendant's phone to have unique DNs for each Line Appearance.

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Re: Webattendant Question

Web Attendant lines are part of a pilot point and have nothing to do with other user's lines. These are the lines that cannot be shared. To monitor line status, Web Attendant uses the LDAP directory and a Line State Status program that shows the line status of every user in the Corporate Directory. So it makes no difference if other users are using a 7914 attached to their phone that have shared line appearances, you just can't share the pilot point line appearances of the Web Attendant Phone.

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