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WebDialer PC/Phone specific, not user

I have a large number of extension mobility users using webdialer without any issues.

I have a small number of users who are "floating" users, working from a number of (typically no more than 5) locations where there is a single PC and IP phone. However, the users have no extension number of their own / extension mobility profile. They simply answer the phone at whatever site they are working from and these phones are configured with a static number specific to that site. This is a business requirement.

How can I implement WebDialer so when the user logs into a PC at any of these locations, the WebDialer uses the correct phone ?

Currently, the only way I can see of achieving this is to associate the 5 different phones to each user and them have to manually select which phone to use.

I am thinking I could possibly create a script that would change the WebDialer settings as the user logs in, depending on which machine they are logging into. But I don't know where/how this info is stored.

Has anyone else encountered this issue / found any solutions ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: WebDialer PC/Phone specific, not user

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Re: WebDialer PC/Phone specific, not user

Haven't you try the IP Communicator? If you use Extension Mobility with a IP Communicator, it may give you a functionality you are looking for.

Good luck,

Michael Shavrov

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