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New Member

WebDialer problem

Hi, I'm trying to use the WebDialer under CCM4.1sr3 (with ActiveDirectory) and it doesn't work. When I reboot my ccm server I got these line in my webdialer trace. do you have a solution path ? Thks

0: Oct 11 00:07:55.843 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:AFTER Creating DirUser handle

1: Oct 11 00:07:55.999 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:CTIProvider: server=, user=CCMSysUser

2: Oct 11 00:07:55.999 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:Entering CTIProvider:initialize()

3: Oct 11 00:07:56.187 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:After creating CTIClientProperties

4: Oct 11 00:07:56.187 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:Before creating CTITraceModule

5: Oct 11 00:07:56.187 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:CTI Traces enabled adding traceWriters

6: Oct 11 00:07:57.421 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:Cannot Create Provider Connection refused: connect

7: Oct 11 00:07:57.421 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:Unable to create CTI provider

8: Oct 11 00:07:57.421 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:Shutting down CTI provider

9: Oct 11 00:07:57.421 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:Failed to create CTI provider for service:Unable to create CTI provider

10: Oct 11 00:07:57.421 EDT %WebDialer-3-UNK:Unable to establish dir Unable to create CTI provider


Re: WebDialer problem

Have you try resetting the password for CCMSysUser in AD and verify it is the same in registry key under

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory Configuration\AppUsers\CCMSysUser

(password is encrypted)

C:\>passwordutils cisco

Encrypted Password: 0c0a000a2c

Original Password: cisco

Decrypted Password: cisco

Any error in EV and reason code?

Are you able to authenticate to the Directory (try adding a user in CCMAdmin)

From where are you running the WebDialer?


New Member

Re: WebDialer problem

I compare the pwd of my ccmSysUser and the one in the registry, and they are the same.

Below the EV entry:

Event Type: Error

Event Source: Cisco Java Applications

Event Category: None

Event ID: 3

Date: 10/23/2005

Time: 10:10:54 AM

User: N/A

Computer: xxx


Error: WDNotStarted - Failed to startup WebDialer application

Reason: Unable to connect to directory

App ID: Cisco Java Applications

Cluster ID:

Node ID: xxx

Explanation: Error occured while starting application

Recommended Action: See application logs for error.

Thanks !

New Member

Re: WebDialer problem

Are you able to view user information in Global Directory? Are you able to add users in the Global Directory and is it getting added to AD?

From the error message it is clear that the Webdialer application is unable to contact the Directory. So, due to this it is unable to display you all user information and so, the Webdialer is not working.

Make sure that you have the host and lmhost files on the Callmanagers updated with the AD server's ip and hostname. Also make sure that the password that you have given to the CCMSysUser account in AD is the same as the un-encrypted value of the password of CCMSysUser in the registry of the Callmanager.

You can decrypt the password for CCMSysUser on the Callmanager using the commandline utility :


Also make sure that you restart the CTI manager service on the Primary and Secondary CTI servers.

New Member

Re: WebDialer problem

One more thing - are you trying to use it from one of the Callmanagers, or are you trying it from your PC?

If you are trying it from the Callmanager, try it from your user PC and then see the result. Make sure that you have your PC's host and lmhost files properly updated.

New Member

Re: WebDialer problem

I try all the thing you mention, but it doesn't work. and yes when I have acces the all the directory info trought /directory.asp. Question: is it normal that I can't see anything about webdialer in IIS ?

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